About us

EvalStars is a Wellington-based company with expertise in results-focused governance, management, planning, implementation, research, and monitoring and evaluation. EvalStars provides its clients with an ELM Platform. The ELM Platform is an online platform that allows organisations to integrate their planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation activities and collect store, aggregate data to report on their performance.

Our aim is to enhance organisations’ ability to demonstrate their achievements and strengthen their decision-making through innovative practice and the use of information technology. We specialise in working at strategic and operational levels to build the capability of teams and information technology systems to systematically plan, measure, and report organisations’ results. We do this by collaboratively developing and using the ELM Platform and a practical evidenced-based approach to show the team’s contribution to the organisation’s strategic and/or operational outcomes and to gather evidence to inform strategic and operational decisions. EvalStars also supports and collaboratively works with organisations and teams to complete research activities and collect relevant data.

EvalStars Newsletters

EvalStars is excited to bring to you all our first edition Newsletter. In this edition we are pleased to bring readers EvalStars key learnings and highlights from the year. We hope you find these thought provoking and useful.

December 2017

Our team

Our team includes expert strategic and system thinkers with experience in working at a senior level in complex environments, along with specialist staff with technical evaluation and evaluative monitoring knowledge and expertise. We also have exceptional stakeholder engagement and relationship management skills which are well utilised in our facilitated workshop programme.

Our partners

We’re grateful to have strong relationships with companies that have similar values to EvalStars. Our goal is to make a positive impact in communities and people’s lives by enhancing and strengthening organisations, programmes, and projects achievement.

Our profile

EvalStars specialises in the design of impact data and using research methodology to support ethical and credible information. We work with organisations to review their performance and embed reflective practice using qualitative and quantitative data (financial and non-financial) into their ‘business-as-usual’. This adds value to an organisation’s performance in design, delivery, and reporting while making a positive impact in people’s lives.

Our vision and mission

Our vision – Our organisational vision is to make a positive impact in communities and people’s lives by enhancing and strengthening organisations, programmes, and projects achievement.
Our mission – Every organisation is trying to achieve something. People go to work to do good work. Our mission is to help people do things better, and achieve better results.

Our team

The EvalStars team includes expert strategic and system thinkers, with experience in working at a senior level in complex environments. We also have specialist staff with technical research, performance management and measurement, and knowledge and expertise in evaluation and evaluative monitoring.


EvalStars Board of Directors key purpose is to ensure the company’s prosperity by directing the company’s affairs, whilst meeting the appropriate interests of its shareholders and stakeholders. In addition to business and financial matters our Board deals with challenges and issues relating to corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and corporate ethics.

Professional memberships and ethics

EvalStars is mindful of the effects our work has on people, projects and organisations. We ensure that all aspects of projects we work on adhere to regulatory requirements and the codes of ethics that our team and our clients are bound by.


Advisory Board

EvalStars utilises an Advisory Board to work alongside the Directors and EvalStars management team to ensure the company’s success in today’s competitive and challenging business environment, whilst holding true to the company’s values of making a positive difference in organisations, communities, and people’s lives including our employees.