Advisory Board

EvalStars utilises an Advisory Board to work alongside the Directors and EvalStars management team to ensure the company’s success in today’s competitive and challenging business environment, whilst holding true to the company’s values of making a positive difference in organisations, communities, and people’s lives including our employees.

The Advisory Board provides the following support functions:

  • Independent sounding Board
  • Strategic planning support
  • Assessment of viable growth plans
  • Implementation of change and growth
  • Succession planning
  • Improved decision making
  • Development of healthy business partnership relationships
  • Specialist market or industry knowledge
  • Access to key skills and networks
  • Scaling the business effectively
  • Facing up to major business changes and challenges

Advisory Board image 

Kate Averill – Founder, Director
Elmar Gailitis – Director, ICT Expert
Brian Leighs – Advisory Board Chair and Senior Business Manager
Dr Kara Scally-Irvine – Technical Expert Advisory
Robert Ingram – Advisory Board Agribusiness / Rural Development expert