Our profile

EvalStars specialises in the design of impact data and using research methodology to support ethical and credible information. We work with organisations to review their performance and embed reflective practice using qualitative and quantitative data (financial and non-financial) into their ‘business-as-usual’. This adds value to an organisation’s performance in design, delivery, and reporting while making a positive impact in people’s lives.

We achieve results using innovative practices and approaches. EvalStars provides its clients with an ELM platform that allows organisations to integrate their planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation activities, by collecting, storing and aggregating data to report on their performance.

We support capability in performance management by:

  • Delivering pragmatic and innovative design solutions to support quality performance management of organisations, projects and programmes
  • Working with clients to tell their story
  • Establishing communities of practice where professionals can learn from others
  • Providing thought leadership
  • Delivering high quality and ethical evaluative management services
  • Customised ELM Platforms to measure and track performance and results.

EvalStars offers the following product and service solutions

EvalStars Advisory is our team of evaluation and performance management experts who help organisations design, put in place, and review monitoring systems and processes to assess how a project, programme, policy or organisation is doing. EvalStars purchased Evaluation Consult (New Zealand) Limited’s assets and employed their advisory team. EvalStars Advisors have a strong reputation, offering our clients results focused strategic support, evaluation, research, governance, management, planning and monitoring.
The ELM Platform is an online platform designed specifically for performance management and measurement of projects, programmes and organisations. It can be tailored to meet organisations specific needs and track results overtime. EvalStars ELM Platform offers clients a secure place to share and work on projects, within a supportive community of practice. It’s design is based on evaluative good practice management principles. The ELM Platform has been designed to enable people to share learnings, manage documents, and store and manage data with a view to improve business performance.
The Evaluative Management Institute is a community of practice where professionals can share what does and doesn’t work. It promotes learning and brings about a transformation capable of sustaining itself. Learning and performing go hand in hand – where evaluative thinking and methods are core to all, from the bottom to the top. Our team of experts provides training and thought leadership for strategic review, performance management and evaluation to Boards, executive teams, managers and staff.