Professional memberships and ethics

EvalStars is mindful of the effects our work has on people, projects and organisations. We ensure that all aspects of projects we work on adhere to regulatory requirements and the codes of ethics that our team and our clients are bound by.


The EvalStars team has a strong sense of ethics and professional approach that they bring to their work. Our product and service delivery team have wide-ranging experience working with stakeholders from different ethnic and socioeconomic groups. A key value of ours is to build positive relationships between stakeholders, the client, and ourselves through building trust and creating a rapport.
EvalStars has an understanding of the ethical requirements under the New Zealand Public Health, Disability Act 2000 and the Privacy Act 1993. These statutory requirements are reviewed at the beginning of each project to ensure that they are factored into our delivery.

The EvalStars’ in-house team are members of different evaluation associations. They are familiar with, and adhere to, the codes of practice of these associations. They present at international conferences and advise on projects in New Zealand and internationally.

EvalStars has a corporate membership with Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA).

EvalStars technical leads are members of the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES), and Dr Kara Scally-Irvine is an AES committee member in Wellington.
Our team ensures work meets international best practice standards, such as OECD-DAC criteria, JCSEE Program Evaluation Standards, and that we adhere to ANZEA and AES standards and codes of ethics.

Our Senior Business Manager, Brian Leighs, is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and our Business Manager, Sarah Andrew, is a member of CPA Australia. They ensure that all our business operations and systems adhere to best practice standards, including our procurement, bidding, and contracting processes.