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New Zealand Government 

All of Government Consultancy Panel

EvalStars are on the All of Government Consultancy Panel for Operations Management and Risk; and Policy, Research and Development consultancy services.

EvalStars specialises in the provision of integrated evaluative solutions, benefit management, and investment management for clients including: impact/outcomes mapping, measurement, and reporting. We have expertise in results-focused governance, management, planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. We have a substantial understanding of and experience with central and local Government in New Zealand and internationally, particularly within Australasia and the Pacific.

Operations Management and Risk

EvalStars provides operations management services relating to business process and quality improvement plans through monitoring/measurement and evaluation/reviews of operating models and their design.  EvalStars Risk advisory services relate to risk identification, assessment and management, and security and safety systems through Benefit management/measurement and monitoring, evaluation and review.

EvalStars specialises in applying approaches that facilitate and encourage innovative, collaborative, and adaptive management style. Our methods and project work builds on standard project management methodologies by integrating a ‘way of working’ with evaluative thinking, supported by a collaborative IT platform. Moreover, our approach maximises the likelihood of success; efficiently and effectively captures lessons learned; and serves as means to mitigate ethical and financial risks, as well as reducing management and reporting costs. At the centre is our expert knowledge in assessment, design, implementation and continuing support for organisation’s monitoring and reporting frameworks.

Our expertise is centered on our ability to assist client organisations to implement and/or build their own capability to evaluatively manage operations and risk. This is achieved through the provision of high-level strategic advice and development of tools, such as, monitoring and reporting frameworks.  

Policy, Research and Development

EvalStars provides services to agencies to assist in the development, monitoring and measurement, management and evaluation/review of public policy initiatives, in the New Zealand context. 

EvalStars has a capable, expert team of evaluative management specialists who have the flexibility to work across different methodologies, technical areas and phases of policy, research and development, strategy, risk management, and monitoring and reporting framework projects. Additionally, we are experts in the use of a tailored digital Platform, and able to design and implement evaluative management systems/ benefit management and measurement/monitoring systems for clients.

We are experts in the production of workable monitoring and reporting frameworks, adapting existing frameworks to help organisations manage, measure, and report on benefits, impacts and outcomes of policies at project, programme and organisational level. EvalStars supports organisations in the planning, measuring and development of outcomes and using this information for decision-making and further planning.

If you would like to engage with EvalStars through the All of Government Consultancy Panel for Operations Management and Risk; and Policy, Research and Development consultancy services, please complete a Consultancy Services Order.