Products and services

We help organisations achieve their strategic goals. We work with clients to help answer the tough ‘so what?’ questions, and extract what really matters to our clients and their customers. We take a collaborative approach with our clients on all services that EvalStars provides including the design and implementation of results frameworks; strategic and operational business planning; evaluations and impact studies; reviews; research; and capability building workshops, mentoring and coaching.

We achieve results by using innovative practices and approaches. EvalStars provides organisations with integrated digital product and service solution to track and rate performance, supporting management capability in performance management by:

  • Delivering pragmatic and innovative design solutions to support quality performance management of organisations, projects and programmes
  • Working with clients to tell their story
  • Establishing communities of practice where professionals can learn from others,
  • Providing thought leadership
  • Delivering high quality and ethical evaluative management services
  • Setting up customised ELM Platforms to measure and track performance and results.

We work with organisations to review their performance and embed reflective practice using qualitative and quantitative data (financial and non-financial) into their ‘business-as-usual’.


EvalStars specialise in applying approaches that facilitate and encourage an innovative, collaborative, and adaptive management style. Our methods and project work builds on standard project management methodologies by integrating a ‘way of working’ with evaluative thinking, supported by a collaborative ELM platform. Our approach maximises the likelihood of success, efficiently and effectively captures lessons learned, to mitigate ethical and financial risks, as-well-as reducing management and reporting costs. At the centre is our expert knowledge in assessment, design, implementation and continuing support for organisation’s monitoring and reporting frameworks.

ELM Platform

The ELM Platform is an industry-leading benefit, impact measurement and reporting platform. The ELM Platform is used by both ourselves and our clients as it allows the integration of planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation activities by: collecting; storing; and aggregating data to report on performance. 

The ELM Platform has been designed to enable people to share learnings, manage documents, and store and manage data with a view to improve business performance.

Evaluative Management Institute

The world is constantly evolving. We must learn how to cope and flourish in the environment in which we live, and must become adept at learning.

The EvalStars team has a proven track record in capability building, and mentoring and coaching, through the design and delivery of our public training programme and targeted in-house workshops. Building capability through workshops, mentoring and coaching, sharing ideas, and stimulating thinking at our networking events is core to what the Evaluative Management Institute offers.