Designing and implementing results frameworks

Evaluative monitoring is the term used to refer to the integrated approach we take to monitoring and evaluation. This is underpinned by a philosophy that ‘evaluation’ constitutes more than discrete studies at particular points in time, it is an on-going, reflective, and embedded approach where evaluative thinking and activities are incorporated in all stages of a project, programme, or a whole organisation.

Previously, most evaluations have focused on ‘what happened’. In contrast, evaluative monitoring focuses on “what is happening?”, “why?”, and “what needs to change?”.

Evaluative monitoring involves identifying, gathering, analysing, and reporting on key information in a sustainable but meaningful way to support the on-going assessment of progress towards the achievement of results or outcomes.

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Our key evaluative monitoring skills include:

  • Innovation in the design and implementation of integrated evaluative monitoring systems (that can include additional targeted evaluation research) for small projects as well as complex, large, and long term programmes which require aggregation of data at different levels
  • Ensuring any evaluative monitoring system is fit-for-purpose and sustainable
  • Designing evaluative monitoring systems that meet international standards of best practice
  • Providing capability building, coaching, and mentoring to clients to develop their capability to undertake evaluative monitoring for themselves.

The complete cycle of evaluative activity combines values and techniques that enable our clients to plan, implement, manage, measure, and assess their own projects and programmes.

EvalStars specialise in the production of workable monitoring and reporting frameworks and adapting existing unworkable and poorly designed frameworks to ensure good practice standards are met.

We work with key programme stakeholders and staff to tailor and align frameworks with the use of re-worked project and programme models.

Being able to report on the performance of projects, programmes, polices and organisations overall is critical, as was establishing a sustainable and workable evaluative management system.

Our understanding of what is realistic at different stages of projects and programmes (particularly when designing and implementing results-focused performance management systems), means we are highly competent at designing frameworks and supporting data collection tools that are ‘fit-for-purpose’, but are sufficiently flexible to be expanded and enhanced as skills and capability grow in the people we are working with. Our performance in this area is supported by our team’s highly developed facilitation, coaching and mentoring skills.

The EvalStars team are experts in designing and delivering results-focused evaluative monitoring systems. We are experienced in the design and delivery of results/performance/monitoring and evaluation that meet, national and international standards as well as New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) quality standards.