ELM Platform

The ELM Platform is an industry-leading benefit, impact measurement and reporting platform. The ELM Platform is used by both ourselves and our clients as it allows the integration of planning, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation activities by: collecting; storing; and aggregating data to report on performance. 

The ELM Platform has been designed to enable people to share learnings, manage documents, and store and manage data with a view to improve business performance.



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The ELM Platform is a cloud-based solution, that is device agnostic, designed specifically for managers, programme and project staff. EvalStars works with clients to provide a customised collaborative online workspace where they can add, review, report, or respond to outcome/ benefit information. By providing this ‘single source’ portal, we support our clients to focus on delivering on their objectives and how to make a difference. The ELM Platform has been designed to enable people to share learnings, manage documents, and store and manage data with a view to improve project, programme, or business performance.


Example Home Page- FarmTEK - ELM Platform
Home page for the FarmTEK ELM


Our ELM Platform provides a secure and confidential place to share and work on programmes/projects within a supportive community of practice that is based on evaluative management principles. It provides sufficient flexibility to be a meaningful and valuable tool at programme/project levels while fostering evaluative thinking.

Evaluative management promotes learning and brings about a transformation capable of sustaining itself. Learning and performing go hand in hand – where evaluative thinking and methods are core to all, from the bottom to the top.

Key features of the ELM Platform:

Community of Practice

  • A secure and customised ‘fit for purpose’ platform as a collaborative project workspace which can be accessed by stakeholders
  • A central point that enables communities/projects to efficiently gather, manage, analyse and share large quantities of data
  • A robust framework that can aggregate on key dimensions of information
  • A “space” for sharing ideas, successes, lessons learned and discussing issues
  • Includes an interactive newsfeed for users to post comments, photos, share stories and respond to other comments, photos and stories in an informal way
  • Includes blogging capabilities to enhance community of practice engagement

Data collection, storage and analysis

Ginigoada Bus data – dashboarding



  • Can host multiple databases and create customised databases
  • Provides survey functions and interview tools with built-in data analysis tools
  • Provides document storage and management, such as version control

Analytics and reporting

  • Dashboard reporting of survey results within the online platform
  • Lessons learned and successes to establish what key aspects to obtain more information
  • Template reporting that is both online and downloadable (e.g. bulletins)

User management

  • Can be used as a flexible mechanism for transparency and engagement which can be functionally adapted as an organisation or project evolves
  • Allows for different permission levels to be set to manage access to different sections
  • Project management functionality


EvalStars can assist with the linking of the ELM Platform with other enterprise systems and databases to automatically import and export data.
Overall the ELM Platform offers clients a secure, responsible, ethical and integrated online platform for data use and storage which meets data security, privacy, and New Zealand Government ICT and sovereignty requirements.