ELM Platform focused case studies

Ginigoada project example

We work collaboratively with Ginigoada Foundation, a charitable organisation, in Papua New Guinea.

The Ginigoada Foundation run mobile education, vocational training and health programmes. We have used our ELM Platform to setup a performance management and measurement system. We created a student tracker function, using the ELM Platform, which allows Ginigoada to track the progress of learners and programme participants through their pathway. The ability to collect student information and track their achievement and the changes in their lives easily has enabled Ginigoada to continue to provide information to their funders to ensure ongoing funding. This has also lead to increased funding.

Using our ELM Platform, Ginigoada can now not only identify patterns but quickly gain an understanding of why those patterns might be occurring through the corresponding qualitative data. This has resulted in enhancing operations management strategy through greater review and identification of issues and risks.


Smart Cities - Water Pump
Sensors used to monitor water quality

Smart Cities project examples

We worked collaboratively with Land Information New Zealand on the evaluation of the Smart Cities programme.

The programme was piloting a series of innovative smart sensing projects in partnership with local government partners across New Zealand. To be able to effectively and efficiently capture the program progress and learnings, Land Information New Zealand sought a flexible innovative approach to reviewing the programme. They wanted performance measurement and management embedded as a core component of the programme. They also wanted a system that could manage geographically dispersed and time constrained project managers.



Our ELM Platform was used to provide a flexible and accessible platform for all key project stakeholders who were geographically dispersed to:

  • Easily share information and learnings,
  • Support the development of a community of practice.

Over the life of the program, our ELM Platform was used to systematically collect and aggregate data monthly. Documents and other information were shared through the ELM Platform on an ongoing basis. Through the life of the programme the documents library continued to grow. A community of practice was developed through the newsfeed, which was actively used by project and programme staff from the councils and Land Information New Zealand. We provisioned for automated monthly progress report per project to the Program Director and Governance Group via the ELM Platform.
The ELM Platform was used as a mechanism for ‘toll gate’ reports that captured learnings at key stages of each projects life cycle. It also provided one mechanism for aggregating and sharing learnings across the projects. Ongoing support was provided to key program stakeholders via the ELM to ensure smooth programme management.