How to improve your results-focused planning, monitoring and evaluation

Interested to optimise your projects or organisations performance? Eager to tell your projects or organisations results story? Grappling with challenges of investment logic mapping or writing a compelling business case?

This interactive workshop will build your capability to use practical tools and techniques to successfully plan, manage and report the progress and results of your policy, programme or project.
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Workshop content
Based on a “real life” case study, the workshop will build your capability to use practical, proven tools and techniques that will enable you to:

  • develop a comprehensive, visual model of your results– you will be able to clearly illustrate what “success” looks like for you project/organisation and key stakeholders
  • think through the practicalities of, and develop a feasible framework for monitoring and evaluating your results
  • write clear, concise reports that will inform decision-making about your project or organisation performance and that will meet accountability reporting requirements you may have
  • understand how results-focused planning, monitoring and management work in an organisational context and what the requirements are to sustain aligned processes for planning, monitoring and management in your organisation.

Benefits in attending

You will learn how to:

  • use practical tools in planning, monitoring and evaluation and how to apply them to your projects, programmes and policies.
  • apply international best practice standards.
  • determine the value and merit of the project, programme and policy.


We recommend that all participants first attend our introductory seminar “An Introduction to results-focused planning, monitoring, and evaluation”.

Who would benefit from this workshop?

Anyone who needs to effectively track and assess progress for results, impacts or outcomes. Previous participants have included project and programme managers, senior managers, project coordinators, analysts, policy analysts, and advisors.

“I greatly appreciated the insights and perspectives gained from (this) workshop. It continues to resonate across a range of my current planning priorities. I know the experience was enhanced by being able to “buddy up” for the exercises with one of my regional colleagues, enabling us to work together and make progress on the project I’d brought to the workshop.”