How to undertake evaluations and impact studies

Participants in this workshop will learn how to measure the results of a policy, programme, or project through all phases of an ‘evaluative’ cycle, using a structured approach and practical tools. The workshop draws on EvalStars experience in conducting evaluations in New Zealand, South East Asia, and the wider Pacific. The workshop is interactive. Participants will work with a case study to enable them to apply their acquired skills to undertake an effective evaluation study.


As a participant, you will learn:

  • key steps and skills for designing an evaluation study that will enable you to identify outcomes or impacts (intended and unintended), using a results model
  • how to use practical tools and collaborative approaches to gather robust information (using qualitative and quantitative methods) and analyse results
  • how to use evaluation criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability) to draw evidence-based conclusions about an intervention
  • strategies to engage stakeholders in evaluation findings, to enable learning and inform evidence-based decision-making and change.

Benefits in attending

Building the evaluation capability of individuals will support your organisation to:

  • systematically assess results, and identify lessons learned and recommendations
  • integrate evaluative information and lessons into an on-going planning, monitoring and evaluation, and decision-making cycle
  • develop quality evidence to show the contribution of programmes or other interventions to the organisation’s strategic outcomes.



We recommend that all participants first attend our introductory seminar “An Introduction to results-focused planning, monitoring, and evaluation”.

Target Audience

Who would benefit from this workshop?

People responsible for assessing or reporting the results of programmes or conducting evaluation or impact studies will find this workshop invaluable. Regular users of evaluation or impact studies would also benefit from this workshop.

“Thanks for facilitating the workshop. Really appreciate it. I’m using those tools for my M&E”

“The workshop made me an ‘outcome thinker’ rather than a ‘to do list’ planner”