Introduction to results-focused planning, management, monitoring and evaluation

Results-focused management is a systematic results-focused planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) approach that is being successfully used in organisations in New Zealand and internationally. This seminar demonstrates a practical and an internationally accepted approach for using results-focused management within your organisation. It outlines the key phases for planning; monitoring and reporting progress and the achievement of results from inputs to outcomes. Each stage is illustrated using actual examples and our experience of what works in practice.


The seminar provides the essential foundations for results-based monitoring and evaluation and an ideal introduction to our workshop programme. It will also assist you in selecting which of our workshops best fit your needs.

What this seminar covers:

  • The foundations for organised results-focused management – five core workshops (PLAN, MEASURE, CHANGE, SYSTEM & TOOLS, STUDIES)
  • Essential tools that enable results-focused management to work in the real world
  • How to build skills, knowledge and use of tools and systematic way of working in your organisation
  • Examples of how this approach works in practice.

How we deliver this seminar:

This seminar seeks to maximise learning, insights and networking with an emphasis on what is practical and what actually works. Our key objective is to develop participants’ understanding through introducing a sound and proven approach that is demonstrated in real world examples from New Zealand and overseas. Within the timeframe, the seminar will encourage participation and sharing of experiences from all participants.

Target audience

Who would benefit from attending?
Anyone involved in planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of programmes, projects or strategies.