Planning, management and performance: Aligning strategic results with operations and measuring achievement

This workshop is aimed at Senior Managers of strategy, performance, and operations. It focuses on approaches for aligning Statements of Intent, strategies, business as usual operations, and how to demonstrate value for money. The workshop incorporates organisational systems thinking that links effective management, programme design, performance measurement and learning, with reporting. At the end of the workshop, participants will be familiar with approaches to manage and track progress, and will be able to share the organisations performance story.


As a participant, you will learn:

  • the approach of results-focused management and evaluative performance measurement
  • key steps and skills for designing a strategic model that will serve as a valuable dialogue tool for linking Statements of Intent to desired outcomes, impacts, outputs, and programme activities
  • how to identify outcomes or impacts (intended and unintended) at an operational level using a results model and how to align with strategic objectives
  • how to use practical tools and collaborative approaches that gather robust information and analyse results that can inform management and planning
  • how evaluation criteria (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability) can be used to draw evidence-based conclusions about strategies or policies
  • strategies that enable stakeholder learning and inform evidence-based decision-making and change.


We recommend that all participants first attend our introductory seminar “An Introduction to results-focused planning, monitoring, and evaluation”.

Target audience

You will find this workshop invaluable if you:

  • are responsible for the strategy, management, planning, performance and reporting on the progress or programme, policy, or project outcomes
  • want to understand how results can be effectively measured and use evidence in decision-making
  • require a pragmatic, ‘fit-for-purpose’, systematic approach to demonstrate value for money and contribution from activities.