In-house workshops

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) – Workshop Series, 2016

We worked with NZQA Assessment Division to develop and facilitated three workshops focused on building NZQA staff capability and capacity in evaluation methods. Workshops covered framework design and aligning evaluation methods; concept for working system and roles and responsibilities; and practical evaluation methods and tools, ethics and implementation capacity.

Hutt City Budgeting and Advocacy Service, 2014

We were commissioned by Hutt City Budgeting and Advocacy Service, to provide services under the Ministry of Social Development’s Capability Mentor programme. The team provided support to align Hutt City Budgeting and Advocacy to meet the Ministry of Social Development’s goal for funded organisations to report on outcomes. This involved working alongside the grass-roots organisation to conduct an Organisational Self-Assessment, developing a results focused model for the organisation, and developing an Organisational Capability Development Plan.

New Zealand and Pacific region, Ways of Working and Practice Guide/Review of Results Framework, Research Tools and Use by Stakeholders, Pacific Islands Chiefs of Police Secretariat (PICP-S), 2014

The PICP-S supports four programmes through a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade contract. The four programmes include organising an annual conference, delivering capacity development activities and supporting a Women’s Advisory Network.

We worked with the secretariat to build their capacity to collect and report evidence of the work being done with the Chiefs of Police across 21 jurisdictions. The project included aligning the strategic outcomes with the programme activities and developing indicators to measure results.

We worked with a team to design, develop and embed a ‘working system’ for outcomes reporting which includes the roles and responsibilities of key personnel; and the design of a reporting template which accommodates the information necessary to report on the progress of the PICP-S.

The purpose of the Review is to provide independent advice and support to the PICP-S on the planning, monitoring and evaluation of PICP-S activities using the Results Framework that meets MFAT and New Zealand Police requirements. This work contributed to the measurement and reporting of progress that meets stakeholder information requirements and that support decision-making.

Department of Internal Affairs – Community Operations, 2013

We developed and delivered a set of customised training workshops to Managers and Operational staff (Community Operations) to support a transition towards an integrated planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting ‘way of working’. We supported the initial development of the framework for this with the Senior Management Team which included facilitating their annual planning process using this framework.

Newtown Budgeting & Advocacy – Capability Mentor, 2013

As a MSD-approved capability mentor, we worked with Newtown Budgeting & Advocacy Service to complete an organisational self-assessment and capability development plan.  This project involved working collaboratively with the Coordinator, staff, and committee to identify their areas of strength and opportunities for building organisational capability. We facilitated the Committee to develop a clear, one-page model of their Strategic Intent and Plan to focus the committee’s work in the coming year. The Strategic Intent model may be used in future to clearly track the positive difference that the organisation makes to clients and its community.