Tongan Seasonal Workers Study, Cardno – Labour Mobility Assistance Program (LMAP), September 2016 – current

Working collaboratively with our Tongan partners, the team co-led this research, to understand the drivers for Tongan seasonal workers breaching visa conditions while contracted to Australian approved employers under the Seasonal Worker Programme. The study sought to identify potential ways and practical solutions to reduce the incidence of visa breaches through improvements to selection and preparation; employment processes in Tonga and Australia; linkages with and support from communities in Tonga and Australia; and other appropriate approaches. The research involved extensive consultation with government officials in Australia and Tonga, community consultation with the Tongan community in Tonga and the Tongan diaspora in Australia. It also included interviews with other relevant stakeholders. The research included a survey of Approved Employers and will be supported by an action plan for an integrated programme of activities in Tonga and Australia. The research report, which includes recommendations and action plan for both the Governments of Australia and Tonga, has been approved by the Australian

Government and Tonga’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. This will be workshopped with stakeholders in both Australia and Tonga in the coming weeks.

Issues Identification Project for Cadastral survey and rating valuation rules, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), April 2017 – May 2017

This project identified the issues for the Cadastral survey and Rating valuation rules. We completed stakeholder and literature interviews which provided insights to the reviews as well as their perspective of future issues facing the regulatory regimes/systems. The team worked collaboratively with regulators and strategy and policy teams to identify insights, sources, and feedback from previous engagements, surveys, audits and other internal work.

Waikato Institute of Technology and Child Matters (NZ), 2013

We were involved in assisting Child Matters and the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) in the first phase of a feasibility study. This work involved research into existing centres, organisations, and programmes of work in the area of child well-being in New Zealand and Internationally.

Child Matters and Wintec are committed to ensuring that all ‘New Zealanders are inspired to allow every child to flourish in an environment that is safe from all abuse,’ and share an interest in the provision of providing educational leadership through effective training and consultation, community and business engagement, and influencing society.

Alcohol Liquor Advisory Council (ALAC) – Research and implementation of an early intervention resource, 2007